When your teeth don’t meet correctly the condition is known as open bite. Open bite may make your cheeks look hollow and your lips much thinner, so the effect can be very ageing. It can also affect both your smile and the way you speak, so you may feel self-conscious and lacking in self-esteem.

Open bite is described in one of three different ways depending on the relationship between the teeth when they are closed together.

Anterior Open Bite There is no overlap between the opposing front teeth.
Posterior Open Bite There is space between the opposing back teeth.
Incomplete Overbite The lower front teeth do not touch the upper front teeth or the inner soft tissues of the mouth.

At Haoey Dental we have developed techniques to diagnose and resolve the problem. We will be happy to discuss your individual case and explain the alternatives for treatment.


The problem may have been caused by actions that put a strain on your teeth, especially when you were young, such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting or continual chewing on something like a pen or pencil. It could be hereditary, due external factors or damage to the jaw joint. It could also be the result of habitual grinding or acid erosion wearing down your teeth or of losing the teeth that normally support your bite.
In young people whose bones are still growing an open bite can often be corrected with braces. As we get older, surgery may be needed to ensure a permanent solution. The surgery involves repositioning the upper jaw and using plates and screws to hold it in place. After the treatment braces may be needed to align the teeth – the Invisalign system we prefer at Haoey Dental makes braces virtually undetectable.
This depends on the nature of the open bite and the type of treatment needed. In the most severe cases it can take a number of years.

We are trained specialists and are happy to discuss your options, cost and the results you can look forward to.

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