Dental veneers can boost your self-confidence by transforming your whole smile or the appearance of individual teeth. The procedure is very simple, requires little anaesthesia and is more affordable than more extensive cosmetic options.

A veneer is effectively an ultra-thin crown made from porcelain or composite resin that is fitted to the front of a healthy tooth. At Haoey Dental we take a meticulous approach to every detail of the procedure and the veneer itself to ensure that your new smile looks and feels completely natural.


Dental veneers are the ideal solution for a number of problems, including:

  • teeth that are broken, chipped or severely worn
  • discoloured teeth
  • unsightly, irregular gaps between the teeth
  • crooked teeth

We first prepare your teeth by removing a small amount of the enamel. We then take an impression and send this to a dental laboratory where expert technicians craft the final veneer so that it perfectly matches the colour and translucence of any teeth that aren’t being treated. We then fit a temporary veneer so that you can smile with confidence while you’re waiting for your permanent veneers to be cemented into place.

It’s vital that you practice good oral hygiene. Our dental hygienist will show you how best to brush and floss. You should also visit us regularly for inspections and have your teeth professionally cleaned.

You should avoid chewing on very hard foods and ice, biting your nails and using your veneered teeth to do anything that involves a twisting or bending motion such as opening a packet or breaking a thread. This could cause them to snap.

With proper care dental veneers can last as long as 20 years. The quality of your oral hygiene is a crucial factor.

We are trained dentists and are happy to discuss your options, cost and the results you can look forward to.

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