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Imagine how much younger, more attractive and more confident you’ll feel with a truly beautiful smile.

Our smile makeover can transform discoloured, missing, uneven or broken teeth. And, at Haoey Dental, you can be sure you’re in the safest of hands. Each of our cosmetic dentists has almost 30 years’ experience, and we’ve helped over 3,000 people to achieve their dream smile, including many celebrities.

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You’ve imagined how good you’d feel – now it’s time to see for yourself.

Our FREE Smile Trial creates a temporary transformation so you can really live the difference before you make your lifetime decision.

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Why a Smile Trial?

We take away the uncertainty

You’ll see exactly how good you’ll look, and experience how good you’ll feel, before you commit to a permanent make-over. We take away all of the uncertainty and doubt. When you’ve seen the new you smiling back from the mirror, and the delighted reactions of your family and friends, you’ll have absolute confidence in your investment.

Perfect shape and colour

Our Smile Trial covers misshapen, discoloured and uneven teeth. If you have a misaligned bite, it can also show how you’ll look when this has been corrected. Your lips and cheeks will appear to be fuller and any lines around the corners of your mouth will be softened – you won’t believe how much younger you appear

So quick and easy

We don’t have to send any work to a technician. That means there’s no waiting for results and we can make any adjustments on the spot. Unlike digital photographic makeovers, you can see your new look from every angle and even see how it feels in your mouth.