General Dentistry

At Haoey Dental we pride ourselves on providing the highest quality dental treatment in a friendly and relaxing environment.

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    High Magnification Dentistry

    We inspect your teeth through an 8x magnification loupe to ensure we can spot problems while they’re small enough to be resolved quickly and easily.

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    Tooth-coloured Fillings

    Unattractive metallic fillings belong to the past – these days only you and your dentist should know you have any fillings at all! We use 8X magnification loupes, the latest minimally-invasive techniques and the latest composite resin to restore your tooth to its natural colour and strength.

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    Root Canal Treatment

    Sometimes the soft pulp at the heart of every tooth becomes infected. This infection needs to be removed and replaced with a filling – a process known as root canal or endodontic therapy.We use the latest technology to repair and save the infected tooth. A digital X-ray, which uses a lower dose of radiation, helps us to diagnose the problem. Rotary endodontics allow us to clean infection from a curved root canal more quickly and effectively without stretching or damaging the passageway. And our 8X magnification loupes allow us to see the damage in detail so we can be sure no pockets of infection are overlooked. Once the infection has been removed we rebuild both the root canals and the tooth with a filling. We generally recommend a crown for optimal strength.

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    Sometimes there is no alternative to extracting a tooth. We have the skill and experience to handle everything from a simple extraction to the removal of an impacted wisdom tooth.

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    Periodontal Treatment

    If your gums bleed when you brush or floss or you have loose teeth or bad breath you may have periodontal or gum disease. If this is so and you leave it untreated you could lose your teeth. We offer a range of cutting-edge treatments including root planing and laser-assisted therapy. By returning your gums to full health we can help you to keep your teeth for life.

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    Check-up and Cleaning

    Gum health depends on good everyday dental hygiene. We provide advice on regular care including the ideal toothbrush and how best to clean your teeth and gums. Our routine holistic care includes a thorough scale and clean using a gentle water and powder spray. This causes little or no discomfort, even if you have sensitive teeth.