Professional whitening treatment can remove stains and help restore your teeth’s sparkle.

During the treatment we clean your teeth thoroughly, apply whitening gel and then use leading-edge light activation to achieve the best possible results. The whole process takes about two hours. We also provide you with customised trays and professional whitening gel. You can use this every night for the first two weeks to ensure your teeth have achieved optimal whiteness, then once in a while for a day or two to maintain the effect.

While professional teeth whitening is highly effective for most people, these treatments aren’t always the best option. It’s important to discuss this with your dentist to ensure professional whitening is right for you.


You may notice heightened sensitivity when you bite into certain foods or drink cold beverages, but this should only last for a few days. If it persists, let us know so that we can identify and treat the cause.

Discolouration can be caused by dental problems such as an abscess, decay or trauma to a tooth. In these cases, the problem needs to be resolved before the whitening treatment. Your dentist will also consider the aesthetic effect. For example if a lot of your gum shows when you smile or the roots of your teeth are exposed, whitening might make the effect more obvious. In cases like these we can talk to you about other cosmetic options.

No – neither tooth-coloured composite resins nor porcelain veneers and crowns will respond to lightening treatments. Again, there are other options and we’ll be happy to discuss what’s best for you.

The first step is to keep up your regular flossing and brushing routine at home and to visit us regularly for a professional clean. We recommend that you don’t smoke and that you avoid drinking anything that can stain your teeth, such as red wine, tea and coffee. You can also talk to us about a once-or twice-yearly touch-up, either in clinic or by using your customised at-home kit.


We are trained dentists and are happy to discuss your options, cost and the results you can look forward to.

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